Equipment: Sell Items

Drill-Quest Sell Equipment - Terms of Use

Short Summary:
- We recommend resizing pictures before adding them
- By submitting your item you accept Drill-Quest as a reseller for your item
- You must own the submitted item and have it ready
- Advertisments/contact details will be removed
- Do not place your logo/name/contact details in your pictures
- We are not obliged to publish your item
- Your item will only be published after a review through our staff

Named persons / institures in these terms
The Term Drill-Quest and any terms such as "we", "us", "our" etc refer to the company Drill-Quest GmbH, Switzerland. Terms such as "you", "your" refer to the person submitting an item he wishes to sell.

Acceptance of Terms
By submitting an item in the Sell Equipment area of the Drill-Quest website you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agreewith these terms you are not authorized to use this plattform.

Change of Terms
We may adjust and extend these terms at any time without notice. We do however reservethe right to contact you. Any changes in this terms of use are only valid when writtenby a Drill-Quest employee. These terms were last changed on 02th April 2009.

Your Rights
This service is free of charge, Drill-Quest shall not charge you any fees for using the SellEqupment function on the website. If Drill-Quest decides change this service into one that charges fees you cannot be charged for prior use.

Your Duties
Drill-Quest expects you to inform us via the email or the contact form on our site if your item is sold or no longer available. If we contact you and your item is already sold / no longer available then we shall remove your item ourselves. Your item will be sold by Drill-Quest, we will therefore buy the item from you and resell it to the interested party, you may not use our site to sell your item directly to the interested party.
You must own the item shown in your submission, we furthermore expect to receive photographs of the item in it's current state (not catalogue pictures). You must own the submitted item and have it available (on stock/surplus). If you are submitting an item you could manufacture, but do not yet have we may make an exception if you also ad an ordering time to the "item details".
Any sort of contact information in the "item details" or any other field that would be visible to our website visitors will be removed by us. We shall also remove submissions that are only intended to introduce a company and its wide range of products (without mentioning product details). We strictly will delete or modify any pictures containing company names, logos or other contact information. We shall not publish any items without pictures. The pictures must be in .jpg format.
We recommend that you resize your pictures before uploading them, this will significantly increase the time the website uses to send us your submission. Pictures that are too large may cause the submission to fail, especially if your internet connection has a low bandwidth or bad connection to our site.

All information you provide us may be published on our site. By submitting pictures we receive the right to publish these on our site and the unlimeted right to use these pictures for any purpose we wish. It is manditory to provide us a valid email address in order to use our services. To prevent you from receiving spam from the internet Drill-Quest will never publish your email address on the site. Any inquiries on your item will be handled by Drill-Quest, if successfull Drill-Quest will purchase the item from you and sell it to the interested customer. Drill-Quest is not responsible for the consequences resulting from the information you posted on our site.

Information Integrity / Authenticy
Drill-Quest cannot guarantee the correctness of any information on your item that is published.

Drill-Quests Rights
Drill-Quest may, at any time and for no reason remove or alter the information submitted to our site. We reserve the right to check every submission before publishing it on our site.We are in no way obliged to publish any submitted data. Any submission that is not intendedfor the purpose we created this function for (for example advertising, spam, links, specially prepared code or malware etc) will not be published. We will also not publish entries that are submitted more than once.
Drill-Quest has the right to save your submitted data and use it for company internal purposes. We may reuse your data even after your item has been sold. We may also use your email address for our newsletter service. If we send you a newsletter against your will, you may cancel your subscription to the newsletter at any time, we do not want to send our newsletter to people who are not interested in it.