National 1625
National 1625

National 1625

Fully Refurbished National Oilwell 1625DE 3000HP Drawworks
Refurbishment c...

Item ID: 3128

Capacity: 3000 HP

Status: Rebuilt

Product Description

Fully Refurbished National Oilwell 1625DE 3000HP Drawworks
Refurbishment consisting of the following:
Fully Reconditioned Drawworks Assembly
Main Drumshaft, Jackshaft, Catshaft & Motor Shaft rebuilt with all new American Bearings
New Brake Bands, Pins & Linkage.
High & Low Clutches rebuilt with new parts as necessary.
Transmission, Low Drum Drive & Catshaft converted to Air Cylinder Shifting.
New Dive Chains fitted throughout.
All new Stainless Steel Air Lines & Galvanised Water Pipework
New Drillers Control Console
New Air Control Lines, Valves & Controls
New Air/Water Stuffing Boxes
New Lebus Grooving for 1-1/2 Drilling Line. Drill line clamp included.
Make Up & Break Out Catheads completely refurbished with all new parts
Baylor 7838 Eddycurrent Brake c/with coupling and test certification
MPI inspection of all critical areas of the Drawworks frame
MPI of all load path components and critical areas of shaft assemblies
Dimensional control of all shafts, journals and critical components
Installation & Alignment of Shaft Assemblies in frame.
New Oil Pump & Drive Chain.
New Crown-0-Matic Crown Saver installed.
100% Blast & Paint of all non-machined components with 2 part Marine Epoxy Paint.
Internal Frame & Guards painted with Oil Resistant 2 part Epoxy Paint.
A complete Equipment Data Pack will be provided.
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Drawworks Assembly includes:
Three (3) Remanufactured GE-752 Shunt Wound 1000HP DC Motors with Stainless Steel 10HP Blower Assemblies & Stainless Steel Junction Boxes.
7838 Baylor Eddycurrent Brake
Make Up & Break Out Catheads
Air operated Transmission Controls
Drillers Console Control panel with all new Control Valves, Gauges etc.
This Drawworks is complete and ready for immediate delivery.
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