Drill-Quest Advertisement Offer - Terms of Use

Short Summary:
- We require your company name, a hyperlink to your website and a banner
- If you don't have a banner, we shall create one for you free of charge
- We are not obliged to accept your advertisment request
- We may remove your banner as soon as your payed period is over

Acceptance of Terms
By applying for an advertisment space on the drillquest website you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree with these terms you are not authorized to order advertisment space.

Change of Terms
We may adjust and extend these terms at any time without notice. We will however reserve the right to contact you in case of greater changes. Any changes in this terms of use are only valid when written by a Drill-Quest employee. These terms were last changed on 09th March 2009.

Your Rights
Upon paying the advertisment fee you are entitled to have your banner displayed on our website. The banner may have a maximum size of 136 x 55 pixels. If you submit a bigger banner or you do not have a banner we shall create or resize a banner for you free of charge, once you have ordered advertisment space. Your banner shall link to your website, whereas upon clicking on your banner the visitor is transfered to your website. Drill-Quest may modify the link to pass by a page collecting statistical information (such as how many hits your banner achieved), as long as the hyperlink leads on to your website without any delay.
If you dislike a banner Drill-Quest created for you, you may request changes on it (max. 3 times)
If you have given us a banner and you would like to replace it (for example new logo) you can send us a new banner and we shall replace the old one free of charge (max. once per month)
If the number of advertisments on the Drill-Quest site is more than 4 we may use a dynamic displaying system whereas a up to 4 banners are only shown for a few seconds an then replaced by another set of banners in a rotating way. The order in wich the banners are shown may be chosen by Drill-Quest.

Your Duties
You are obliged to pay your advertisment fee, to provide a hyperlink to your website and to provide us a banner (if you have one).

All information you provide us may be published. To prevent you from receiving spam from the internet Drill-Quest will not publish your email address on the website.

Drill-Quests Rights
Drill-Quest may remove your advertisment as soon as the payed time period is over. Drill-Quest has the right to refuse placing your banner on it's homepage. If your website has nothing to do with drilling or placing your banner would harm our business, your advertisment request shall not be accepted. Drill-Quest must not give any reason for refusing an advertisment request.